Curcuma Miracle

I have a bad shoulder. It hurts. Right arm (mouse arm!). Inflammation. I try soft movements and applied some Voltaren (anti-inflammatory gel), stinky chemical ointment … but then I read about curcuma. The yellow spice. The little sister of ginger.

Mix 1 spoonful curcuma with 2 spoons coconut oil and massage it into the hurting body part. It’s all yellow, my hands and my shoulder look as if I’m transforming into a Simpson and it smells soft and lovely spicey. For more curcuma power heat a cup of almond milk, add one spoonful curcuma and drink it.

And you know what, I did it last night and this morning the pain was … gone.
It is amazing. So powerful. Plant, you’re a miracle, thank you!

Sorbit, Maltit, Isomalt, Xylit, Aspartam, Acesulfam K

Wow … isn’t this yummy? I got a box of chewing gum product sample from Telekom. Nice!
Give me telephones and make your cables broader, but please: hands off food!
Are you nuts? 6 different artificial sugars, at least one of them supposed to m a y b e cause cancer … Wouldn’t only one have been enough? Or … REAL sugar?
Sigh …