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Big big love: The Breeders!
Super concert in Berlin in Heimathafen Neukölln.

…. und dann noch ’nen Absacker im Wesereck!!


After The Storm Children Play

We had a tremendous storm some days ago, one of a kind we never experienced before to that extent …
And now I see fallen trees and wigs and branches everywhere … like this one in my neighbourhood … serving as a children’s playground.
I think it’s philosophical.


Homo Hippie

Neandertals and Homo Sapiens are two fundamentally different types of human beings and have never intermingled.

That’s not true!

A few liked each other despite or because of their differences very much and had children.
But the insatiable, aggressive, and corpse-throwing homosapiens have triumphed, and the Neandertals perished.
Nevertheless, at least a few of us current people possess a few percent Neandertaler genes in us.

We should activate them as soon as possible.

Here’s the film!!!

[TriX, developed with bark, coffee, vitamin C, washing soda, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, salt]




My Kottbusser Damm

Adox film, Cookie pinhole camera, some time and good weather!


Last Sunbeams Of Summer

… here in Hamburg at Landungsbrücken (landing bridges!)