Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit, that’s the translation of the Korean word Dal Tokki! Dal Tokki is the name of a lovely little Korean restaurant in Berlin-Wedding, Prinzenallee 83, close to U-Bahn station Pankstrasse. They offer home made lunch, just one dish consisting of salad, soup, main dish. Changing every day. Always 8 €. And they serve a delicious yellow „Maistee“ – corn tea, roasted! And sell home made kimchi!

“Jedenfalls ist das Essen, das die Hasen bereiten, so rund wie der Vollmond selbst. Es fällt vom Planeten hinunter direkt auf unsere Teller. Dal Tokkis stampfen und backen und backen und stampfen. Im Takt der Hasen essen wir, was Hasen für uns kochen. Vom Mond direkt in die Stadt. Urban Korean Food ist planetarisch.”

“In any case, the food that the rabbits prepare is as round as the full moon itself. It falls directly from the planet onto our plates. Dal Tokkis stomp and bake and bake and stomp. We eat what rabbits cook for us in the same rhythm. From the moon straight into the city. Urban Korean Food is planetary.”