Zooming to Brazil 2

What a wonderful workshop!
Me in Germany and the other beautiful people spread all over Brazil …
We are all filmmakers and photographers with our heart beating for ecological, yummy, non-toxic processes … and tadaaaaa, they performed live!
We had one Caffenol developing (still photo negatives, pushed from 400 to 1600 ASA – 2 minutes longer developing – fantastic!!), one super 8 developing in flower soup and Brazilian blueberries with very cool results too, and one mate tea and coffee developing of colour negatives … but the magical thing about it was seing and hearing them mixing and developing, following them to their working rooms / darkroom – thank goddess we have wifi and phones! – so it felt we were all in one boat instead of 9400 km apart …

Zooming To Brazil

I’m getting more and more used to be a zoom entertainer!
Yesterday I held a workshop at the 13th Strangloscope Experimental Festival in Florianòpolis in Brazil, day 1 of 2, 3 hours long talking about eco processing film and photos, the power of flowers, the magic of Kodachrome, and so much more … it was fun!
And you know what: I did a live developing in front of my laptop: compost juice mixed with vitamin c and washing soda, heated to 30° and poured into the Jobo tank that was filled with a super 8 stripe. Can be contagious!

Agfa Blue

Nothing beats an Agfa blue!
These old expired films can still be developed (in E6 developer) … but all Agfas will come out blueish, sometimes greenish. This one was well exposed and probably not too old. Not too old means 35 – 40 years …
Not my film, it was a job, I offer this service like a one-woman-lab. If you like to know more, check this out: developing service, click!


The Minus House! I don’t know what it is … something with electricity? But I love the graffiti … saying “minu” on one side … and after a while or never you see the “S” on the other!

(Pinhole photo taken with my Illy cam, about 8 seconds exposure time)