¡Kino, Kaffee, Kompostol! – Day 1

I am giving an intense 2-weekends Super 8 film shooting and eco developing workshop in Berlin!
Day 1 Saturday, day 2 yesterday. In a very special place right in the core of Berlin (the former East part), at Alexanderplatz. In a very special space: Bi’bak / SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA.
Here is the Link X

This is how they describe themselves:
“SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA explores cinema as a space for social discourse, a place for exchange and solidarity. SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA brings together diverse social communities, links geographically distant and nearby places, the past, present and future, and decentres an eurocentric view through transnational, (post-) migrant and postcolonial perspectives. SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA is a transtopia, a place where “cross-border ties and connections converge, are reinterpreted and condense into everyday contexts” (Erol Yıldız). As part of the pioneering urban policy Initiative Haus der Statistik, the cinema experiment bridges the gap between everyday urban practices and film to create an alternative art form that connects different social perspectives.”

I love to be part of it! We are a group of 12 coming from all parts of the world (Chinese, Turkish, Swiss, Brazilian, Russian, German) working, playing, developing and exploring together for a certain time. It is intense and beautiful!

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