Nirvana In Athena

I was in Athens! In Greece! I was invited for a filmshow and also asked to give a one day workshop. Of course I said yes (and extended my stay after Athens and jumped down to Crete for a 1 week holiday to catch the last summer sun beams!)

The event was a kind of festival called “Balkan-Can-Kino / Festival – 6th Symposium”: The 6th BCK Film Symposium is taking place in October 2023. This year’s theme is KINO LUDENS and through a series of screenings, artistic installations, workshops and parallel events, the Symposium will focus on the presence and the importance of the element of play in the multiple layers of adulthood and everyday life, showcasing interactivity in cinema, not necessarily through new technologies, but through the meaning of game/play in the creation of a cinematic work and its importance in every stage of the production.” This is their website.

However: my film show was great, the gallery packed, the audience happy!

And what about Nirvana?

Whenever I explore a new city, I am very interested in its public transport. Metro! Bus! Tram! I love it! I love to browse the map … and I always succeed in finding interesting station names (like “Pep Ventura” for example in Barcelona).
This time I found a bus stop called “Nirvana / Νιρβάνα”. Of course I had to go there! And start a new film!