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Hamburg Harvest 25 Rabbits Shadow Ravens

Oooooph …
My beloved Hamburg Short Film Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary. I popped up there 20 years ago when I was a little skinny shy super 8 film maker and from that moment on I always felt embraced there. 15 out of 20: shit weather: rain, cold. But: friends! Warm crazy punk hearts.

This year they had so many different programs that I really got confused and by accident fell upon the best ever, the 25 hours marathon! Sepp, one of the festival organs (like heart) hosted it and it was like coming home to your dream cinema, laying back, watching, pure watching, enjoying, 1000000 VHS cassettes of submitted films, some of them jumped into the festival program, some of them got lost forever, some of them got polished by time meaning looked like pointillism paintings magnets dissolving …

Who remembers Beyond My Control? A music clip about love and … yaaawn … man, woman, blood, rose, knife, wedding dress … , but the thing is: the actors tried to look like Depeche Mode and to act really cool and the song was so bad that it hurt … anyway, you’ll never understand but it was so cool to watch it again …

That all happened in the B-Movie cinema yesterday. When I used breaks to open my eyes I saw 3 ravens and 3 raven shadows.

and more: later, on my long bike trip home to Willemsburg I saw more ravens and rabbits sitting on lamp / spy / whatever posts. I better stop here now, the story continues.

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