My Film Show Coming Saturday

“Traveling is damn necessary, says the old seagull!“ my film program is called. I’ll show lots of very old, medium old and new super 8 films, partly in original version on my Elmo projector and partly digitized via Beamer.
(if you don’t understand German, the text on the picture above translates like: About singable palm trees in Los Angeles, self healing bikes, winter-in-Berlin-survival-rituals, warmth seeking bug parasites, saltfrogs that reincarnate into trash bins, negative developed love goddesses, magic gold brandy … and lots more. Plus a world premiere: Get up, Jucy Lordan!)

Come into the Regenbogen-Kino at Lausitzer Strasse 22 in Berlin-Kreuzberg this coming Saturday at 8.30 pm!
I’ll bring some freshly baked super 8 cookies!

And here’s the complete film list! >>> regenbogenfilmliste.pdf