It is really incredible how many there are … lost places … abandoned Russian military caserns around Berlin. The geocaching dream team hit the road again and explored a huge area – “Das letzte Paar“, many buildings, wide overgrown boulevards, almost like a city, now taken over by a brushwood and birch jungle.
We found a room in the catacombs filled with weird technical machines, half destroyed half rusted, like pre-computers or calculators, called Задания (Zadaniya which I found out means something like task or job): painted numbers on the frame 1-2-4-8-16 etc, some bakelite buttons behind a hole punched transparent screen, an electric plug and a handle that reminded me of a dynamite explosion device.

The dream team: me, David, Michi, Bernd in front of a water reservoir tower (yes, we did climb the marginally rusted metal stairs up to the top!) Foto: Bernd Brundert

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