Inter Club Disco

Like so many beautiful times before my little family (today: brother, nephew, friend) and me went out in the woods, in the Brandenburg Ex-GDR, into the golden October fluffy air, exploring another geocaching site.
The Teupitz hospital. A lunatic asylum. With a long history: A psychiatry hospital, a city in a bubble, built 100 years ago and over the years serving as military hospital in the first WW and during Nazi time connected to their euthanasia murder program killing thousands of mentally and physically disabled patients …
From 1945 Russian military hospital.
Now ghost town!
Weird feeling … strolling around, exploring buildings, caves, a silent place, a lost place, finding relicts like Russian newspapers, mineral water bottles from the Georgian Republic, dossiers, hand written records, a theater with a rotten stage, a disco with wacky painted wallpapers ROCK IN ROCK – I mean why the hell do communists paint capitalistic disco symbols like ROCK and NY SKYLINE and DISCO and SNEAKERS onto their little club wall … many miracles and horror breezes mingle and still linger. October sun came rushing in, beaming us into a calmly breathing eyes-wide-open mood.

The Rock in Rock Band from left to right: Brother Bernd, me, Nephew David, Friend Kirstin!
Foto © best photobrother of the world!