Gummihaare im Russenkeller

There’s a new fascinating hidden place in Kreuzberg (Ex PLUS Supermarket!) – called Eckstück – which is a Pizzeria upstairs and a concert cave downstairs.
Tonight: Rubber Hair, a weird young crazy fresh skilled band that at first sound glimpse you think: Eighties! Then: What a voice! Then: Interesting combination. Then: each of them is an instrument master. Then: What a VOICE! Then: good luck for your hopefully bright future! Then: I like you and want to see you again and wear something different again! Then: Thank you angels that I live in Berlin and not in Wanne-Eickel! Then: Welcome new band member attracting bunches of skinny (< – female) Russian people! Male Russians are less skinny. Then: The white wine was good and why does that guy look like Napoleon? Then: Swing on Carolin. Then: Summer comes surely back.

Here’s a small film clip (better link to better quality coming soon) >>> rubberhair1111.MOV