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A Spider With Cold Feet

My little family (nephew, brother) and me went on a trip to the outskirts of the city – on the hunt again for imaginary treasures and real lost places (see www.geocaching.com), a cool way to explore and find places and spaces you’d never go without your navi 😉

Nephew David forgot his camera at home so he asked me to take a photo of his spooky discovery: a spider on ice!


Rotterdam Reunite And Summer Feelings In A Train

Paolo, me, and Lisa met in Rotterdam!
This is an intimate message for those who know! They are my American (super-8-) friends who run one of the most magical places on earth – the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles! Yeeha! What a wonderful time we had walking over shaky bridges (pre spring stormy weather!), filming, counting rabbits … sharing and renewing our friendship!

On my train ride back to Berlin I discovered some poetic words / decoration … don’t understand much but it made me smile thinking about coming back, confetti and returning summer feelings!

And this is a cool sandwich vending machine found at Rotterdam Centraal train station!


Blue Sheep

Recently I was in Dresden, beautiful city, overflowing river, funny train station called „Wild Man“ … I held a workshop there at one of my most favourite short film festivals called „Schmallfilmtage / Small format days“. Woke up, looked out of the window, rubbed my eyes: blue sheep!

Inspiration. Colors. Next Wabisabi workshop will be in Berlin, in May. Check out wabisabisuper8.com from time to time …