Localize Me

LOCALIZE Das Heimatfestival 2011 – A festival of City, Art, Culture in Potsdam, 4th year, my first time of participation – I was invited with my film Turn Baby Turn to be part of a short film program.
Films about (feeling, being, missing, constructing, exploring) HOME, experimental, political, private … a very creative mixture of 10 works!

What a lovely event! Happy audience, well organized enthusiastic nice and cool organizers – everything inside and in front of legendary Potsdam Film Museum!
I had a great evening and I found two new friends, filmmaker ladies Marie-Catherine and Lisa!
Plus … I won the Sonderpreis der Universität Potsdam (special mention!), connected with 100 Euro which I’m going to spend immediately and buy some fresh super 8 film cassettes.
Yeeeehaaaaaaa thank you!!!!!

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