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White Twig Black Street

Pedaling along black city streets with my bike, winter begins, it’s quite cold in Berlin now and gets dark so early!

I find a single twig lying in the middle of a bike lane, I stop, I take a photo and I think: beauty lies everywhere!


Cycle Baby Cycle!

I highly recommend a special programme on this year’s Berlin Interfilm Festival: Bike Shorts!
One more chance to see it: this coming Sunday at 5 pm at Passage Kino!
A freaky lovely funky mixed bunch of mostly very short films about metaphysical miracle bikes, speedy dwarves, brilliantly bikedancing Scots … durchgeknallte Newyorkers and lots more. Go!

Ehm .. the fourth foto is me holding the yummiest Schawarma ever … get it for only 3 Euros at Imren, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Boppstrasse 4!
I feel the Schawarma meat has a slight taste of cinnamon. Mmmh!


Fly Me To The Moon

Richtung Mond!

Direction Moon!

(seen in Kassel)


2 Cowboys Smoking

I look out the window and I realize opposite of my house there’s a row of chimneys – two of them look like cowboys with hats and ponchos, one of them smoking.

Time to make another short film! Here it is >>> x


Money Castle

This is not a castle, this is the Berlin Finanzamt (tax office). Lovely though …