Wabi-Sabi in Dresden-Löbtau

Recently I was invited to give a 3 day workshop on super 8 and wabisabi inspired easy film making plus hand processing in Dresden! The place is called Werk.Stadt.Laden. (something like city working station atelier), a self made artist run alternative hipiesque sweet place which I can absolutely recommand (they also offer knitting meetings, silkscreen not only for children, guerilla gardening, edit a neighborhood magazine and lots more inspiring stuff …).

3 days, 13 people, half my age (ohmygod) but what the fuck, there’s no big difference: passion and enthusiasm and joy for experimental filming know no age, ha!

(We used Kodak’s TriX material and developed it in Adonal. What came out was black and white negative film. Extremely beautiful and a wide range of greys! Having it digitized these days and reversed to positive. Link to films: later! Or check out my wabisabi workshob website! But I’m a bit behind schedule ….)