Music Is It

You know what I would really miss if all people in this world got ooops killed by ooops themselves, shit accident, global Monsanto errr war oooops error?


My friend Frauke got 2 tickets for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. 3 pieces. Classical. Witold Lutosławski, Gustav Mahler, Leoš Janáček. Couldn’t be more different, diverse.
Conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, the boss of this orchestra (going to quit soon), cool, I first saw him and his work in a movie >>> Rhythm is it <<< I am a newbie. I am a nothing-knower. I observed them, the musicians, how they worked together like a swarm. Fascinating. 50 violins sounding like a bee swarm. A choir of 100 men and women singing together demonstrating a power that blew me away, I don't like clerical themes at all but they were just fantastic. Keep on rockin’!