First Bare Hir Leggs, Then Creepe Up To Hir Kneese …

I was wondering where the name dildo comes from – I came upon a very old poem …

And make me happie, stealing by degreese.

First bare hir leggs, then creepe up to hir kneese;

From thence ascend unto her mannely thigh—

(A pox on lingring when I am so nighe!).
Smock, climbe a-pace, that I maie see my ioyes;

Oh heauen and paradize are all but toyes

Compar’d with this sight I now behould,

Which well might keepe a man from being olde.

My little dilldo shall suply their kinde:

A knaue, that moues as light as leaues by winde;

That bendeth not, nor fouldeth anie deale,

But stands as stiff as he were made of steele.

Thomas Nashe, 1593

Today at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin Friedrichstrasse open Vogue night, buckets of champagne for all ladies, my friend and I went there, informed ourselves and … she won the race!!