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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Squint Your Eyes …

… and see a plastic cat!!


Pinhole Photo Craze

My exhibition is still on … the photos will be hanging there until they fade away …
Here’s a little super 8 film that I made about the … making of!
Click on the photo and you will land on youtube!



I am in Seehausen / Uckermark for a couple of days and play holidays! Me and my bike and stormy weather, some rain, some sunshine, feels like summer is coming to an end … oh nooooo …


A Day Off – At Devil‘s Lake

Teufelssee / Devil’s Lake – I love you!
(Taking the S-Bahn from Jannowitzbrücke to Heerstrasse, then a few kms by bike)


Pinhole Photo Map

This is where they hang!!!



Floating In The Wind

Two photos are hanging in a tree … floating free … visible from front and back (back is important! Developing method written on it!) …
This is a little film by www.berndbrundert.de :-*


28 Pinhole Photos

… are hanging now outside in the green! In the Silent Green – a fantastic culture center venue in Berlin! It is part of a gigantic 1 month exhibition: THE GARDEN. CINEMATICS OF THE SOIL, dedicated to the life and work of the British filmmaker, artist and activist Derek Jarman. … see here click click!
I am a micro exhibition! I wrote about it: “Kiss the Moment, it’s Not a Pyramid!
Over the course of many days, Dagie Brundert is out and about on the silent green grounds, taking pinhole camera photos in the garden. Negatives. One every now and then. With her trusty, much-travelled Illy coffee can, she lets chance and mood guide her, looking for spots where beauty beats banality by a mile to capture just one moment. For a few seconds. The developed images are returned to their place of origin, hung up there and they remain there until they are destroyed, soaked or weathered – kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!”

Let it begin!