Meet the heat

Only frozen Northeuropeans do that: walk around in the midday heat! I love it! I have to! I walk up and down the steep streets of Echo Park, feeling more and more at home. Familiar. Taking a break to say hello to the Lady of the Lake. Super8filming ducks and fountain water drops. Claiming my surroundings., walking, walking, watching.

The Lucky Dragon and the Lonely Banjo Girl from Oregon

Paolo took me for a wonderful bikeride through the city tonight: first stop just around the corner on a roof of a building, full 360 sight of the city – my beloved (musical!) palm tree line to the south, gigantic i-pod-ad to the east, lots of helicopters and some stars above us, downtown lights to the west, and north I don’t know because the band was starting, i-pod-generation unplugged, three guys/girls with weird electronic instruments (one we detected as an asian kind of tiny harp with metal tongues), inviting the audience to join and to touch stones and to move them over magical mysteries (like Theremin!), synapses connected, touching hands, feeling vibes, producing music. Very beautiful and melodic! Short and selfconscious. Their name is The Lucky Dragon.
What a ride in a warm night! Speeding down almost traffic-empty streets, heading Chinatown, ending up in a small club in the middle of small Chinatownroads smelling yummy fish from the day before (correct me Paolo if I get anything wrong:-) and finding ourselves there together with a quiet audience listening to a young singer with a banjo, dressed in an unfavorable scottish kilt, but good voice! What an unbeatible courage! Then came a solo drummer who drummed solo on his kit, he looked like Joerg Heitmann in his younger age but that image comes from organic beer that Paolo bought in a chinese shop just before the gig so I close down this blog for the night and leave you all with a heart full of warmth and variety.Love, Dagie