„The Monster that ate Stars“, Mermaids, and Sneakers on Wires

I walk in the afternoon heat … I look in the sky in the blue and I film things that hang there like sneakers (3 pairs on 3 different wires on one day. Is that some kind of secret sign?) or that simply stand or fly or sit there like lamp posts, signs, birds, moon, planes … I think my next film is going to be called „Blue Sky and Things in it“

And then I found a kind of mini comic art fair in a yard on Sunset Paolo told me about. Just some stands with some comic artists behind selling their stuff. I don’t know why exactly that one but I bought a very small booklet called The Monster that ate Stars for 4 $ and I just read it and looked at it at home – simply beautiful. www.southersalazar.net 🙂 

This friendly Souther shared the desk with a woman who gave me a postcard with a mermaid with red hands on it and I just found her on the internet … – her name is Gwenaëlle.

Whow! Great artists!  

 And now the magic hanging sneakers again. What would I do without Wiki? Look here!!