Buzzing Palm Trees and 8 Years is Enough!

I had my film screening at the Echoparkfilmcenter tonight! Showed some old short films (happy 20th anniversary, Barbie Dolls!), some fresh ones edited only yesterday on Super 8, and my brand new 32 minutes long Ode To June which I finished in Berlin before I came here (world premiere!!).
There was a quiet moment when we set up the room, the projector, the food & drinks … and while we did so we listened to Mr Obamas speech as the probable new president live on the radio … which was interesting for me as a foreigner … he promised a lot of things like the chance of good education for all and solar and other renewable energy … good luck and keep your promises!!!

And by the way thank you dear audience for singing with me and Paolo & Lisa the Palm Tree Song Line film!!!!! Great performance! There’s music in the city …I’ll be back.