Private Processing Practice

Paolo offers this workshop a couple of times a year and this time he asked me to participate as teacher (for 10 adults): the 5 hours marathon of the history of super 8, learning camera, techniques and tricks, first steps with colour and black-and-white film shooting outside (in the park again!), processing two rolls in the cellar lab (one like pirate punk processing in buckets, one in a russian tank) and then projecting! The product was extraordinary: looked like ancient old film, scratches and dust here and there, some parts underdeveloped/negative (where film parts stuck together and the chemicals couldn’t really react)
– all in all: great special workshop! Beautiful piece of art!!

And by the way: The Sunset Junction Street Festival sucks.I asked some people at the bus station (I wanted to go there after the workshop) because I saw they had not only a blue wristband (like me) but a second pink one. Yes, second day another 20 $. That’s too much, die haben ja den Arsch offen we Germans would say 😉