1 Moon 2 Dragons

On the hunt for music pearls I went to Schokoladen-Mitte (Ackerstr. 169) and found two different masters: the opener band was not a band but a single guy (Cedarwell from Wisconsin, USA) who looked a bit out of time and Jesus / hillbilly – like with his rural checkered shirt (that he said is too tight for him now because on his tour through Germany he has grown addicted to German food like Brezel (pretzels) …) whatever, with his glowing Apfelbäckchen (apple cheeks) and his good loud voice and weird lyrics he fascinated me. Songs about restless journeys through Schafficker states (as we call them which means sheep fuckers) states like Montana and the like … and god and love.
What an amazing guitar player!

And then on stage: Monotekktoni.

I’ve seen her only on the almighty internet as an experimental electronic woman but tonight she almost took my breath away. It was analog time now and she played, no, she almost fucked the piano and together with her strong beautiful voice it was an amazing performance, so powerful! Thank you.

On my way back home (I got tipsy with all that springtime blossom smells lingering around and attacking me) I crossed my neighbor Admiral Bridge which has been for a couple of years now a meeting point for people and musicians from sundown until late in the night. I often pass and find unique situations and unique small good bands there. But one thing, guys, friends, foreigners: try to NOT crash your beer bottles as a sign of alleged revolutionary act or pure dull attack of puberty … it really sucks to step through the shards the next day. Peace and brain for all of us!

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