3 Blue Blackbirds & Drifting Bands

Hello out there readers! I’m still full of music – funny, my second day in a row in the Schokoladen in Berlin-Mitte, I have to say that venue is just vibratingly awesome.
Today they hosted 2 bands: The Pattern Theory from Leeds, UK and then The Drift from San Francisco. The 3 pattern guys, I don’t really know how to explain, but they seemed to live in a music bubble, played their experimental melodic (vibraphone! I loved their little vibraphone!) beautiful heartful strange-rhythmic (sometimes) tunes and invited us in. Let us drift 😉 it’s all about drifting this night Â… 😉 Too short!

The next band is called The Drift and they drifted even more, 4 guys, a deep dive into groovy jazzy warmblooded spacy spicy sound. One member of the band, Safa Shokrai, explains (on their homepage): “You could call it jazz-punk or jazz-rock or post-rock or, as we call it, „post-beard-scuba-vibe.“ Thank you guys!

And talking about drifting Â… this very early morning when the sun just got up (must have been 5?) I was . er Â… drifting between two universes, half dream half reality and I heard an early morning bird, a blackbird, in my back yard where my sleeping room is open to. That blackbird sang tunes. Phrases. Lines. Stopped after let’s say a minute and restarted with another tune. In my half-awake state I followed the tune and discovered Â… patterns. That clever bird took patterns and changed them from song to song. I was deeply amazed in my halfconsciousness. I realized it took notes, rearranged them, repeated, modified, varied Â… incredible, that little beautiful bird. And it received answers! From other blackbirds! Jeeeeez!!! I swear I’ll make a film called Das Amselnetz / The Blackbird Net!

(blue blackbird-lamps in the Schokoladen)

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