Deep Space Neukölln

How I love to watch my (neighbour)hood shifting! Normally it goes from working class heroes district to yuppy. Same story all over the world.

Neukölln … I remember 20 years ago it was empty, grey, it stank (in winter) of Kohleheizung (carbon stove heating) and EVERYBODY who immigrated to Berlin from Westgermany or elsewhere stranded there, because it was extremely cheap to live there. Or Berlin-Wedding.

Beam up to 2009: it’s getting hip now.
Tonight I discovered a new place in Weichselstrasse 6, called BROSCHEK (the maiden name of the owner’s mother – 3 photos of her as a young very beautiful woman hang on the wall) and watched and listened to Erich, the akkordeon-player who played instrumentals and told accompanying stories and showed slides!
In short: he, living in deep space South Germany / high mountains, got a music cassette from one of his travelling friends (Nepal, India etc), fell in love with the music and wanted to find out more about the musician. So he and his fellows went to Bangladesh and to India and after a long odyssey that took them to the weirdest places he found the guy!