Duck Path and Brick Lane Memories #1

I landed back home in Berlin yesterday night!

After 5 days spent in Cambridge and 3 days in London I must say firstly: The Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival is now officially declared (by myself) as my favourite film festival … and London is pretty cool.

I stayed at one of the festival makers home and every day I cycled through Cambridge along the Duck + Toad Path, see here:

… feeling like in the middle of the fresh born juicy green country!
I found rosy trashbins, heavenly beer and cider, delicious sausages in gravy … and a handful of new friends. Thank you for having invited me and letting me be part of the festival.

And then: London.
My first time ever.
I stayed at City Hotel(12 Osborne Street in Whitechapel) which I can highly recommend: book long before on the internet and you’ll get a room for a third of the regular price which means even half-broke artists like me can afford it!
Osborne Street leads directly into famous Brick Lane. If you like Curry, go there. I enjoyed it. It reminded me a bit of my home quarter, Kreuzberg. And the curry and other Bengali meals are just good.

I found this beautiful piece of minimal art in one of a closed down house’s window grating and it made me smile passing:

All in all: Heart Act 😉
More to follow soon.