Duck Path and Brick Lane Memories #1

I landed back home in Berlin yesterday night!

After 5 days spent in Cambridge and 3 days in London I must say firstly: The Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival is now officially declared (by myself) as my favourite film festival … and London is pretty cool.

I stayed at one of the festival makers home and every day I cycled through Cambridge along the Duck + Toad Path, see here:

… feeling like in the middle of the fresh born juicy green country!
I found rosy trashbins, heavenly beer and cider, delicious sausages in gravy … and a handful of new friends. Thank you for having invited me and letting me be part of the festival.

And then: London.
My first time ever.
I stayed at City Hotel(12 Osborne Street in Whitechapel) which I can highly recommend: book long before on the internet and you’ll get a room for a third of the regular price which means even half-broke artists like me can afford it!
Osborne Street leads directly into famous Brick Lane. If you like Curry, go there. I enjoyed it. It reminded me a bit of my home quarter, Kreuzberg. And the curry and other Bengali meals are just good.

I found this beautiful piece of minimal art in one of a closed down house’s window grating and it made me smile passing:

All in all: Heart Act 😉
More to follow soon.

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  1. Die (leider unleserliche) gelbe Sprechblase über Ben + Jerry sagt: „We´re not literally small!“ Hahaha. Die Typen unter der Sprechblase sind die beiden einzigen Hellhäutigen auf der Anzeige und mutmasslich Ben und Jerry Fair Exploiter.

    Die „Guten“ machen halt auch bloss Werbung in der Londoner Zitty…

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