Liquid Bar, Noah’s Ark

Berlins world famous Karneval der Kulturen got swept away in cold rain today but people kept on rocking swinging drinking musicking in bars and on the streets. Phew!

I stranded in Arcanoa, a place that has always been there for bands, film makers and underground lovers. Which has a special bar with a river running! And tonight I found out: they serve Bierlikör (beer liqueur). Khani and I have never heard of it neither had the barlady, so we checked it out … and … it tasted like … vanilla 🙁

There was a band playing. Punos. 3 guys: base, guitar, guitar/sax. No vocals, but harmonica instead.
Lovely laidback music, skilled guitar players. I liked the way they shily announced their songs … one about the meanwhile famous Admiralbrücke called „Admiral“ – one of the guys said that he once wanted to play there solo but it was so humid that he couldn’t tune his guitar so he left home … crying? I don’t know.
Anyway. Pleasant laidback evening! Good guys!