Hot Spot At God‘s Shop

Tegel Berlin Airport 8 in the morning, sun’s not yet up, sitting in a fat plane direction south, waiting fort the de-ice-machines to ride the wings and brush them with nicely stinking defrost chemicals while it snows and snows and snows and snows …

24 hours later I dive my corpse-pale feet in black glittering beach sand smiling like a Honigkuchenpferd (ginger bread horse? Does that make sense?) and the waves wave and the sun makes me feel alive again.

I’m on the isle of Tenerife!

For an internet addict like me there are not so many chances to spread my sprouts … there’s only one hotspot in the city of Puerto de la Cruz where I (and my friend Gesine) stay – McDonalds. But we soon found out: stepping outside with the laptop, across the place towards the church, 20 meters away, sitting down on a stone bench (which is still warm from the days sun mmmh) – the hot spot follows us like a shimmering duckling and we start to giggle and communicate.