Dragon Blood, La Guagua, And A Laurel Jungle

Today the two famous Wanderwomen fell in love with the Tenerife public transport system aka bus aka Guagua – a net of green buses (www.titsa.com) with brave speedy drivers inside. Took a ride from Puerto de la Cruz via Icod de los Vinos (where we admired the 2.000 years old endemic Dragon Tree with a mystic history – read below) to a small town called Erjos where we started our jungle hiking trip.

Elvises mark the route!

About 20 kms through misty laurel woods through valleys called Barrancos and cactus fields and stony paths until we finally reached a tiny quiet town called El Palmera.
Next Guagua direction home? No way, we would have to wait 2 hours so we decided to continue hiking to the next big city (Buenavista) and after some kms a friendly farmer grandpa picked us up offering us a ride to the … Guagua station downtown! Thank you Tenerife señor!!

And then again Wuwei hit us in the face with lucky coincidence: the Guagua to Puerto de la Cruz was just about to leave!
We enjoyed the whole trip so much, tried to inhale as much beauty as we could!

Ready for another coincidence? We decided that we felt like craving for potatoes, a specialty called Papas Arugadas served with green and red Mojo, so we just walked around and incidentally stumbled on a Tapas Restaurant (Arcon Tapas, www.arcon-tapas.com) where we had the Papas of our lives! Plus something colorful lovely for the eyes, the park nearby decorated with lots of Christmas lights and symbols which I feel free to interpret as New Year wishes for me and her and him and you:
Red boot is for more travelling; star is for a wish come true; green tree is for nature; the bell is for good music!

Oh yes, the Dragon Tree … an endemism! More than 20 meters high, its „blood“ is red and was used as a curative and cosmetic potion, a subject of legends and symbolisms …