The Dresden Feeling

Wabisabi #4!

I held my fourth film workshop – at the Schmalfilmtage Dresden, one of the best short film festivals on earth (8 and 16 mm)! All about the power and beauty and techniques and tricks of Double Super 8 and black&white negative processing. The 8-members-gang was cool and enthusiastic, produced meters and meters of (partly double exposed) great film! Go to and find out more … soon …

This is Marie and Karin writing names in the deep frozen snow:

[and thank you thank you thank you dear festival jury for the prize for my film, yippieh!!! May nightlight shine lovely on you ;-]

Oh yes and by the way: I spent 3 nights in my favourite Hotel called Raskolnikoff which I can definitely recommend if you’re ever looking for a lovely spot to stay. In Dresden-Neustadt, not expensive at all, kitchen for free use, only 3 or 4 rooms, beautiful pictures hanging in them.
I felt well protected by the insect man!!