the lung man

sorry for the delay :-)I landed!I had quite an interesting trip, 24 hours on the clouds, from Berlin to Los Angeles via Newark where we could not land because of bad weather condition so we made some funny circles around montreal only to hear 1 hour later that we had to land in syracuse, ny. Oh not to forget … the lung-man-story! There was an elder man seated in the row next to me who started to make funny noises shortly after take-off. The stewardess came to see whats happening and he asked for oxygene but he was denied „they are not allowed to give him his needed oxygene-bottle once in the air“ – o god i thought, please no emergency landing in glasgow now, i must go to la!! And then they asked, like they do in the movies:“is there a doctor on the plane specialized in lung problems?“ And like in the movies – there was. Long story, short typing: the man got his oxygen, everyone was smiling and i thought i love people, i love sky, i love earth.

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