Open Screening at Echo Park Film Center

They hold it 4 times a year. Tonight was like the reopening after summer break, everybody’s welcome to bring their own films and show them. All formats: Super 8, 16 mm, DVD, miniDV … Interesting mix! Where’s the border between private stuff and art, between boredom and give-it-a-chance and fresh beauty. I saw amazing scenes – cool animals in the LA Zoo, oldfashioned girls parading butterflies on leashes, flickering pieces of crispy color portraits on 16 mm, weird taxidermy trailers, snow sliding children … and much more … all embedded in Paolos welcoming way of presenting everybody … and food and drinks! And my Heisenberg-Pasta-Salad … (if you want the recipe, mail me). I enjoyed it. Californians are crazy. Feels like home. I have no fear walking home in the soft summer night. I’m inspired. Tomorrow’s a new day and I’m ready for the next episode.

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