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Scratching Along Hidden Places And Hearts

Geocaching time again! One of the most interesting spots in this rotten world is the Beelitzer Heilstätten (mentioned it before, see blog) near Potsdam.
Todays gang: me, my brother, his son, sons mother Michi. Trying to solve riddles and find hints … bad luck today, but found a handful of halfdead shimmering blue dung beetles …

… nephew David set them free in a sunny warm spot … my brother climbing on water reservoirs … all of us on stairs that ended in nowhereland … cool adventure day anyway …

… and later in the evening my brother managed to drag me with him to his girlfriend performing (Les Gosses!) in a small French Restaurant called „Garçon“ – singing Edith Piaf, making all of us soft. Love? Passion? Sad stories? Bad worries? Heartcracking coincidences? Tears? Trust? Huiui!

… Frederike illustrating the song about a sailor smelling of sun soaked sand …

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