Bad Beer

Only one beer can ruin your life!
I mean not alcoholic-wise, we know how to handle that, even 3 glasses of wine or 5 glasses of yummy beer, depends on your own personal circumstances and joy and discipline … but what I really despise is when your local government intervenes and treats you like children … like here in Ontario … going to your favourite health store and buy a nice bottle of organic white wine for your dinner? No way, go to controlled LCBO stores.
Enjoy experimental films together with a nasty glass of white wine at Capitol Cinema in Windsor? Bar closes at 7 pm, haha.
Now I see people with transportable coffee mugs late in the evening in a different way … not coffee kept warm, wine or beer kept cold!!
After filmshow at Phog bar you can have it all, ok, but better DARE NOT cross the imaginary border between bar and public street and have a sip outside the safe universe: some bar guy or lady will surely appear in 1 second and lead you back inside to a better lifestyle!
Imagine that. Italians drink 1 glass of white wine to their lunch. At daylight. Just for the fun. Just for the taste. For the culture and cuisine. Without being wacky alcoholics.
(I just don’t like being controlled to the bone.)