Full Steam Space Machine

I’m back in Berlin!
Took me a while …. from LA to London … then to Berlin.
These extremely beautiful beaming red dressed Ladies are stewardesses of Aeroflot / Russia! They know how to dress!

Berlin is LA’s cold little sister. I’m confused. It’s suddenly cold and not bright. I will have a nice jetlag.
That’s why I went to my favourite Burgeria around the corner (2 Americans, 1 German) and ordered a Superjalapeño Burger. And a Tyskie (Polish) beer while waiting.
They had the radio on or some private compilation … my two very personal waiting songs were “Full Steam Space Machine“ by I don’t know and then “Keep On Rockin‘ In The Free World“ by … you know.
Yeah, free world. There’s something going on right now. I feel for all who get killed right now fighting, no not even fighting: standing up for a free world.