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My TinType Fake App

… makes stunningly beautiful pictures!!



This little piece of cake or cookie is an alfajor … it comes from south America (made in Berlin by a woman from Chile) and is made of flour, honey, and nuts.
Aunt Wiki says: “According to Spanish philologist Manuel Alvar López, alfajor is an Andalusian variant of the Castilian alajú, derived from the Arabic word الفَاخِر, al-fakhir, meaning luxurious!


Is Andec The Center Of The Universe?

I love Andec. One of the last remaining film laboratories in the world! I’ve known them for so many years, had my first super 8 films developed and copied there, I love them.
It happens sometimes: I am there, waiting for something … and another person pops in, another filmmaker is attracted like a fly to the lantern, zzzzzzt … and we meet.
This time it was Helga Fanderl (here’s her website), a film friend, an artist who I admire very much, a wonderful woman … so we went, after our business with Andec, around the block and had a big coffee at Denn’s and updated our friendship 😉
I love coincidences.


Me In My Darkroom With Coffee

… happy with my coffee, the cheapest that I could get = the best because it has the most acid = the strongest developer! 😀


UP 21

ORWO UP 21 meaning Umkehr(reversal)film Panchromatic 21 DIN (= 100 ASA) … very old, I got a bunch to develop here, it’s a job for someone, memories of someone …
I see images!!!


Pump Up The Darkroom

It used to be a factory, a wastewater canalisation company … they transformed it into a youth – culture – communication – center in the eighties: beautiful big industrial buildings … and the old pumps are still there. “Die Alte Pumpe” in Berlin.
And they have a darkroom! But nobody really knows how to run it … how to use it, to handle the enlargers, how to make photo prints …
And then came me, heehee! Just gave a 2 days workshop, played and explored and worked with two handfull of young people who are just beginning to study / preparing their portfolios. Big fun! Big enthusiasm!



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And Then I Find A Feather

It’s been now 7 months that my lover jumped into an unknown dimension … I don’t really have contact, I miss him …
There are days that I ask me and the universe: where the hell and heavens are you and are you ok?
And then I find a feather.


Pink Telephone, No Anger

I find this highly philosophical … can’t tell you why … old style phone, pink phone, no look back, rainy future, die Schatten der Vergangenheit, wo ich auch bin, da sind sie nicht weit … und Oasis.


Happy New Bunny Year!


Berlin Duck

I don’t know why I like it but I like it!


A Beautiful Sight

Seen today in Kreuzberg, strolling around, eyes open, antennas stretched!


Christmas Is Over!


The Tiny Kino Is Alive!

We inaugurated our Tiny Kino with full energy!
For 3 days… 3 film programs each day, packed with short films by me, Dagie. Every program was sold out. OK, that wasn’t that difficult at all with 8 people fitting in!

We served hot chai and the coolest chocolate sweets far and wide, homemade and of course organic / vegan.

We had great fun! We are already working on new ideas … Stay in contact and visit our website cafemueller.space!!!!


Wild Braunschweig

I was in Braunschweig again … the second time that I gave a workshop this year at Hochschule für Bildende Künste! Art School! Seems like I have a recurring job now.
All about analog film making. Super 8 of course. Intuitive filming. Eco processing (Caffenol, Tuttifruttol, Curryol … and some weird smelling mixture: Caffenol with a big shot of Klosterfrau Melissengeist (“Naturally effective since 1826 for colds, inner restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, gastrointestinal complaints, weather sensitivity and muscular complaints”). Fantastic results!!!


Vegan Developing Service

From now on I will develop all Kodachromes black&white films using Caffenol. Eco developer. No more chemicals. My favourite developer used to be Dokumol. It is not available any more in any shops. So I go vegan 😉


Recently In Braunschweig


Café Müller In Space

Zirkuswagenstories / Gypsy caravan stories:

Es wird langsam ein wenig ungemütlich draußen, Schnee fällt, der eisige Nordwind möchte gerne die maroden Fensterscheiben eindrücken, aber nix da, wir dichten mit Stoff und Restfolie. Der Ofen bullert, Christoph sägt und schleift die schönste Müllerküche … und schon ist es wieder dunkel. Noch wenige Tage, und der Zenit ist erreicht.
Dann: Rauhnächte! Kinoeröffnung: das kleinste Kino in ganz Schleswig-Holstein! Stay tuned

It’s getting a little uncomfortable outside, snow is falling, the icy north wind would like to break in the dilapidated window panes, but no way, we seal with fabric and foil. The oven roars, Christoph saws and grinds the most beautiful Müller kitchen … and oops it’s dark again. A few more days and the zenith will be reached.
Then: the magic nights between xmas and the new year! Tiny Cinema opening: the smallest cinema of all of Schleswig-Holstein! Stay tuned


Me In A Gallery

Oh, I am beginning to like this … having photos hanging in a gallery … and also a super 8 film in a loop on a monitor!

It happens in Berlin at CLB-Galerie and this is what they say:

“The Königsheide in the district of Treptow-Köpenick is not only a popular recreational area, but also a historically and culturally significant place. Due to its biological diversity and as a natural space in the middle of the city, it appears to be worthy of protection and is a model for ecological thinkers on an international level
CLB is pleased to present the works of four artists who are currently investigating the past and present of Königsheide: Dagie Brundert, katrinem, Birgit Szepanski and Maike Zimmermann. In various media such as pinhole camera photography, video, augmented reality (preliminary work), sound walks and an open archive, they explore this special landscape and invite you to rediscover the Königsheide with them.”

If you have the chance come and meet us there!


Ode an Juni #10

My June film 2022 is ready to watch!!! Click here!! Or on the picture.

“Forest, Braunschweig, lake, heat, developing with henna and rhubarb, a big ice cream … and then the shit comes and changes my life.”



Watch the documented caravan transport on youtube! Super 8!!!


Let me introduce: Café Müller

Now this is a cool story, a sad and a happy one too, a story full of ideas!

My boyfriend jumped into another universe in summer. I got this gypsy caravan, half of it, the other half I share it with his best and oldest friend Christoph. We love it and we want to set it free (it slept 30 years in a stable / atelier; my boyfriend lived in it 40 years ago, travelled ultraslowly for 10 years).

Now we moved it to a place in North Germany where we will transform it to a café, an experimental kitchen, a tiny cinema, a culinary and artful lab.

It stands here now, in Bokel, a small village, a caravan community that merged into the rural farmer community with a 30 years history beginning with the first two couples in caravans with a big heart for nature and living together in harmony.

Now it is a little paradise in the middle of forests and meadows and you can be a guest for a while, you wouldn’t think but some caravans are rented via airbnb!
Some info here

We will start with slow renovation and the first cups of coffee over the winter. Stay tuned!


Autumn Forest

… I collected some forest stuff to make a developer for a super 8 film. What a wonderful day! Warm sun beams, all in colour, hidden surprises, happy mushrooms!



Did you know that there is not only 8 and 16 and 35 and 70 mm film … but also 9.5 mm? With central sprockets?

Wiki says: “9.5 mm film is an amateur film format introduced by Pathé in 1922 as part of the Pathé Baby amateur film system. It was conceived initially as an inexpensive format to provide copies of commercially made films to home users, although a simple camera was released shortly afterwards.
It became very popular in Europe over the next few decades and is still used by a small number of enthusiasts today.”

But how can you develop it? I have a Lomo tank designed for 8 or 16 mm, but not for 9.5. So I had to tinker something!

Have fun watching my tutorial! Click here!! It is on Youtube.



Quitte is Quince in English.
Quincy Jones = Quitty Jones then.
I got a handful from my friend Torsten who has a garden. Made compote! Yum!


Darkroom Day

Just some photos swimming.


Golden October Sun And Friend And Dogs And A Pinhole Camera

I carry my loaded pinhole camera wherever I go … I met my friend Kasia and her two little dogs in a park, an old abandoned graveyard. She told me a funny story about her one dog Lichee: he is quite old now (15) and about to get blind and a little lame, but sometimes like being hit by an energy beam he’s running around like crazy and full of energy like a teen dog! Her dog whisperer friend told her that he is beginning to mix up his realities, remembers old memories and lives in them! For the moment. This is it. For the moment. I ponder and wonder about it.


Pinhole Power!

My most recent workshop at Bi’bak Berlin, a lovely place with a garden!

It’s easy to make your own personal pinhole camera, you just need a light-tight box (the best in the world is an Illy coffee can!!! Must have a removable / screwable lid), a hole and some photo paper or film. Negative and positive.

In this workshop we tinkered pinhole cameras (to take them home afterwards!), learned a lot about the beauty of analog photography, apertures and exposure times, went out and tried the different ways to create an oddly beautiful picture! Developed together in the adventurous, improvised darkroom! It was fun! Thank you all for being part of it!!!


Rainbow Over Friedrichshain

Nothing special, just a little smile-making beauty!


I Want Flower!

I found an old polaroid photo … my cat Morellino wants a flower! Pure sweetness. He is dead long time. Sniff.