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32 Years


Ach Ach …


31 Years

Old negatives, part #2. My grandparents’ house. Long distant memories of a smell, a beloved garden, my granny in the kitchen peeling potatoes and smiling with her always rosy cheeks, so small, so fragile, so strong, so friendly.


30 Years

I am diving in hundreds of old negatives … finding some gems here and there … these are my young film friends at the Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt. Legendary. Those days when everybody was smoking all the time and we drank beer like water. And I was sneaking around all the time with my Canon AE1 Program. Love it!


Eierlotto / Egg Lotto

My new film!

“Here I am again! On the hunt for the 6 right Lotto numbers!
Oh please, good numbers, come to me!!
Again … nothing won.
Ah who cares … at least it’s gonna be a party for the rabbits, the deer, the racoons, the eggbears and the foxes.”


5 Hours

… exposure time for this pinhole photo here! I am fascinated! I’m going to portrait all my rooms. I love my apartment, I love all my rooms, I live alone and I love it. Viva Kreuzberg!!!


Ode To June 7

“Ode an Juni” is a kind of infinite life work shot on Super 8.
In 2008, I started to capture June, my ultimately favorite month, in picture and sound.
Diary film, Berlin portrait, life excerpt, colorful poem, something like that now every year.

Number 7 from this year’s June is almost ready!!!!!
I am just about to edit the credits!

Update: Here it is!!!


Xmas At The Baltic Sea

Seeing my parents and saying hello to the sea! And taking some pinhole photos, too.


24 Hours

24 hours of exposure! This is a pinhole photo of my working space I took with my Illy coffee camera. One whole day! yay!!


Kino z fusów – Kaffeesatz – Coffee Grounds

I was invited to give a workshop in Warsaw at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art last weekend. Pure pleasure! Great group of 7 people, one day intense super 8 … filming and developing in good old coffee and nice new chrysanthemum juice! Chrysanthemum! Flower of the dead, used only for funerals or on graves (at least in some European countries), flower of the dead month November … we transformed it into something living, pulsating fresh analog film.


Power Pole

Sorry, it took me a while … I’m back in Berlin now, suddenly winter, scanning my 100 pinhole negatives, editing my films, enjoying life somewhere else with less colours and light but still beautiful …

Here’s one of my favourites:


Funny Wlan Names


Alvarado / Sunset

I don’t know why, but I love this crossing, junction, x, streetchaos …. Alvarado Street / Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park in Los Angeles. The Echo Park Film Center is there … a magic spot, a home spot … please be there a little bit longer!


Oakland Day #1

Oops! Suddenly I am on another planet. Car dominated too, but louder. Different colours, many colours, warmer wind, more palm trees. Gentrification buzzing in real time. A Russian truck with yummy Russian Food: Pelmeny! Beer breweries everywhere. One millimeter, sorry: inch! away: many many homeless tents. A little Kreuzberg feeling coming up. No, much tougher, I guess. Do I like it here? Yes!




When It Gets Dark In Willits

Strolling through the streets … this is my favourite front garden.


Random Rungirl

… in our exhibition / artist in residency at North Street Collective, Willits, California.
I love this photo, it’s so full of wild energy! The cool boots she‘s wearing …


6 New Films Made In California


I see the Tree and the Tree sees me

Salt eats Film

They have Swans now in Echo Park Lake

Finding the Haiku in Ukiah

CC Rider 65


A Green Girl With 3 Flipflop Feet

Next week I’ll be in Oakland … look what I found strolling around on Google Maps! A space time shift! A green girl with 3 flipflop feet!


Fav Bagel

I read so many news today and they really make me feel sick but what is feeling sick when others die, one after the other in an ocean of coldness and without a horizon in sight and get killed by very empty and ill young losers – what can I do? What does it mean if I smell the fart of toxic masculinity which is so harmful not only for women and the whole society but also for men themselves.

So I post a lovely bagel topped with smoke salmon cream cheese and salsa (medium hot), and my shabby golden shoes which have seen better days but I love to keep on walking in them.