Indie Music Films, Thai Tea and Summer Time Songs

Every Thursday the Echoparkfilmcenter shows a collection of inspiring films.
Today: 20 independent music videos from mostly Canada. click!!
I recommend Tricot Machine – a beautiful knitting machine animation film! The song is – uhm – but the animation amazing. Look here!!
And I liked The Masfaldas from Mexico for their freshness! click!!
And the Beangrowers for their animation style. click!!
And the Static of the Gods for the voice and the animated clouds and animals 😉 click!!

Earlier this day. I tried to find the big Goodwill thrift store on Hollywood Blvd. But I got the number wrong. So I landed between Armenia and Thailand. Even better! I walked and walked, got hungry, spied into a window of a small restaurant and saw Thai and Mexican people sitting there and 2 policemen. I can’t go wrong, I thought, went inside and tried the Yellow Curry and the Thai Tea from their special lunch menue. One of the best I ever had! Mmmh!
Thai Patio, 5273 Hollywood Blvd.

Later this night. Paolo and Thea and I wanted a glass of wine to say goodbye to this beautiful night and to one another. We went just around the corner into this old French restaurant (built in the twenties, they told me) that has a kind of lounge for smaller dishes and drinks and live music. The singer sang Summer Time And The Living Is Easy and the day made a perfect circle.

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  1. Well, alle vidschos angeklickt, schön, schön. Aber diese Musik, jo mei. Eure frankophonen Nachbarn taten meinen Geschmacksnerven hierbei noch am wenigstens Ohrweh.

    Absolut gerne hĂ€tte ich hinterher son gelbes Curry gehabt, aber leider hast Du den instant-click zum Thai vergessen…

    PS: Schönes buntes Blog ĂŒbrigens, keep up the good work!

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