Anaga Mountains

Dear Anaga Mountains … if you were on Facebook, I would ask you to be my friend.

Writing this, I’m still thrilled by the beauty of the most breathtaking mountains of Tenerife … again we wandered through barrancos and alongside steep sides, stone walls, up and down small goat paths and wider men and women paths.

Meeting butterflies, yellow flower fields, rarely another hiker thanks god, goat milkmen, dripping water falls, lazy doves sitting on a wire staring down 300 meters into the Atlantic, having a perfect lunch break at the only bar in Afur, a tiny town: fresh goat cheese and fresh baked bread and a glass of milk coffee.


anoher bellezza is having an ice cold Dorada beer after a 9 hours hiking trip, sweating like camels, happy like doves on a wire!!

To be continued … here’s a trip on a small path: >>>

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