Super 8 Workshop – last day – Showing & Glowing

It was just a little meeting … an intimate party, a lovely celebration of the students, Paolo & Lisa of the Film Center, me, 2 mothers 🙂 and a tiny bunch of film friends and neighbors. We watched all the films they / we made during the last 2 weeks (what a short time!!) and then we watched them all over again … I am glad and a little sad 😉 and very proud of them and the wabi sabi in Super 8 that is almost unexplainable but they all understood and felt it and worked with it. The special personal beautiful spirit that separates Super 8 from video. The subtle beauty that exists in the imperfect, in every day things. They got it.  Carla making a backwards bow and the fly on the lens is crawling in the same direction simultaneously!! 

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