June Vibes. Winter is Over!

Stepping from winter into spring is always an adventure in Berlin. Tonight I had a film show in my favorite club – the Club 39 – in Berlin-Kreuzberg – I blew June heat via beamer into the winter room. Means: my friends came, some strangers came, too, we shared time and some drinks and some space and watched my „Ode To June“ film, which is 30 min long and has a bucketful of warmth and flowerful moments.

But suddenly there came a noise from outside, just before starting the film, and I thought I was in a parallel universe: a large group of people started to perform some unique something in the street singing and playing RING OF FIRE, 5 akkordeonists disguised as teletubbies, dancing, moving … see my bad photo …

I don’t know what happened there … I go to bed now and start to ship my weird thoughts over to my colorful film dreams hopefully 😉