Bearded Boy, Crazy-Hearted Girl

I saw and heard two young musicians tonight at The Coffee Karma in Berlin-Friedrichshain: A Dead Louise and “Golden Diskó Ship“, both Berliners, I think, both single performers. Was er nicht in seinem Bart hatte, hatte sie in ihrem Ringelpulli, heehee, I try to translate it: The Louise guy had a dusty (or maybe not) about 30 centimeters long dark beard, really, he looked quite funny, quiet, nice, I thought about how much charisma Captain Haddock has with his shorter beard and how little has that Louise guy who kept on excusing himself and saying that he thought he better say nothing, not telling a story but actually wanting to …. blah.
A very skilled guitarplayer though!

The Golden Diskó Ship is a one-girl-show, she plays joyfully with her own looped voice and various weird sounds from a laptop and a good guitar and a children guitar and once she set a wind-up pink-furred plastic-cat free who beeped perfectly to the song she was just performing. And she had a beautiful projection behind her, self made film snippets, personal pieces, city views etc that matched sensitively to her sound.

I rode my bike home, crossing the Warschauer Brücke (the connection from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg where I live), having a very simple tune from her in my head, starting to like my city right here right now on the bridge between winter and spring.