Spring Will Surely Come …

… is one of the beautiful many songs that Kitty Solaris (and her simpatico all-guys-band) performed tonight at Admiralspalast. I liked it there! It was intimate, she was in a funny mood (told us about Tourkoller = tour paddy?) anyway – means being on tour and getting wacky – needing red wine, infecting me so much that I had to say hello (after the show on my way home) to my new neighbor shop (open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, selling a very huge variety of good wine for under 10 € – Kottbusser Damm, entrance Ubahn Schönleinstr.) – back to Kitty: she and the 3 guys rocked the place and I remember when I was wayyyy younger I wanted to be barmaid Kitty (Bonanza??) with red hair and golden earrings and that typical western dress and of course cowgirl boots! I’m almost there 😉

And I think that H&M model (the right one) looks really sick.

… and this is the Spätkauf (allnightlongshop):