A Flock Of Chicken

There’s this Emergenza thing in Berlin I don’t know much of, it’s a kind of band competition from casting a thousand to semifinals or something, the audience votes and the best bands of the evening go on living.
Tonight at Lido, one of the most beautiful venues in Berlin-Kreuzberg, there was Emergenza number I don’t remember and Khani and I watched and listened to a handful of promising bands! Always having Bands On Boats in our mind of course 😉
We liked the first band, very young HipHop performers from Berlin-Pankow called Kurios (lovely woman singer with glasses in the background!) and the chicken gang, sorry, the guys with feathers and makeup looking like they were playing cowboys and Indians without the cowboys, they played rockyfunky reggae-like sun-full warm-hearted intoxicating music! Keep their name in mind: Solrise!