… and here it is: Spring!

It’s so incredible! Every year the same: from one day to the other it’s spring! Winter? Never heard of. Freezing? Never felt. 6 months of winter blues? What’s that?

My backyard Turkish women lean outside and clean windows. My corner ice-dealer is overcrowded with mothers and (more!) fathers and their kids. Suddenly I can smell earth. I almost cry and start to bury my fingers into my ridiculous balcony soil, pull out old dead brushwood (sorry, the word is ridiculous for a Berlin balcony, couldn’t find a better one). I smile crazily at a multidotted ladybird. I’m able to sense something and they all smile at me.
I open windows for things to come 😉
The bar is open.

Later I met my brother Bernd and we thought it’d be good to go out and reward ourselves for anything so we went around the corner to Marquès (Graefestraße 92, Berlin-Kreuzberg, extremely good!) and had deeeeelicious dinner – one ultrathin zucchini touched me and I had to think of Barbapapa, do you remember?

A little later when I was home I thought it would be good to continue me and my brothers work in the kitchen and soak the sink wood board with linseed oil and turpentine. My aroma synapses said thank you!
Mmmmh, earth, oil, zucchini, wine, that’s a lovely start into an endless summer!